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A Seperate Peace

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Author Biography

John Knowles
John Knowles

"We really did have a club whose members jumped from the branch of a very high tree as initiation.  The only elements in A Seperate Peace which were not in that summer were anger, envy, violence, and hatred.  There was only friendship, athleticism, and loyalty."
-John Knowles '45

A Separate Peace is based on the time that John Knowles spent attending high school at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire.  John was accepted into the lower-middler class at Exeter in the year of 1942.  Although coming close to failing during the first term, John taught himself how to study properly and in doing so realized that he had a talent for writing. (
Devon School from the novel was based on Phillips Exeter Academy and the film based on the novel made in 1972 was also filmed there.  The character of Phineas and the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session were also based on real aspects of John's life. (
After high school, John furthered his education at Yale.  John has also held the position of editor of Holiday Magazine and his writing has appeared in New World Writing, Story, and various other magazines. (Knowles, 197)

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